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Welcome to Local Authority Publishing. We specialise in advertising-funded publishing, both electronically and in print, for towns, cities and regions, and on behalf of local authorities of any size, throughout the United Kingdom. We have published many hundreds of publications for over two hundred local authorities.

Local Authority Publishing produces a wide range of publications including guides, street plans, calendars, business directories, wall maps, planning handbooks, building control handbooks, leisure guides, service information guides, and other media.

We are proud of the service we offer and the exceptionally high standards that we demand both of ourselves, and the suppliers that work alongside us. As you will see, it seems that our local authority clients agree!

All of the publications that we produce for local authorities are provided completely free of charge!

As councils are being advised by central government to stop spending council tax payers money on self publicity, what better way to reach out to the residents, by way of door to door delivery? Those who want to view the publication interactively, can do so via a link from the council's website. So you can reach out to everyone at zero cost to the council! Have a look at some examples recently added!

Royston Town Council Official Guide
Burgess Hill Town Council Official Guide

Northampton Borough Council Official Guide

The material on this site will provide you with some background to the company, and a simple explanation of exactly what we do and how we work with our clients and suppliers. We hope you find it useful, and look forward to hearing from you.

LATEST! Take a look at some of the new online interactive versions of our Town Guides at officialguides.co.uk
or town-guides.com added during January and February 2019.

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Check that your supplier is an Ordnance Survey Licensed Partner HERE

Over ONE HUNDRED online versions of some of our local authority Official Guides can be viewed at officialguides.co.uk




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