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These are the stages of a typical project for an official printed publication.

  1. Proposals submitted to Council.
  2. Proposals accepted by Council.
  3. Advertising support obtained by our accredited Project Consultants. We deal direct with the advertisers for both copy and payment.
    Responsibility for producing the publication rests with our Production and Design Departments, working in close liaison with your nominated Officer. To this end we welcome any input and involvement you may wish to have in the design and production programme.
  5. We will give sufficient notice in writing detailing the information required for the publication. In essence we will require all copy and images that your Council authorises for use in the publication.
  6. The complete publication, in full colour page proof form, including maps, will be submitted to you for thorough checking, correction and approval prior to final printing.
  7. The publication is printed and bound.
  8. Copies will be delivered to your offices in bulk according to your instructions.
  9. We shall send a voucher copy to all advertisers.
  10. In order to give a fair and advantageous service to our advertisers, we require your assurance that the main bulk of the copies supplied would be distributed by you within the contract period.
  11. Subject to all material supplied to us being warranted free of copyright, we will indemnify your Council against all costs, claims, demands and expenses arising from the issue of the publication.




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